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About us

The Instant Academy is a place where the best quality online personal development and spiritual programs are provided. These programs will guide you to highlight and reveal your True Self. The intention behind this Academy is to allow you to grow more joy and simplicity in your life.

Our team

Camille, Lucie, Loraine, Stéphane, Mikayla, Olivera, André, Lucie, Sarah and Diane are constantly searching for new influences to transmit and share through their articles. Veronique is in charge of publishing these contents on the websites. Bruno, Juno, et Mehdi are in charge of the technical and IT aspects of the Academy.

Thomas and Fleur are in charge of the executive management, contributing to sharing the best self development tools with the most people is their biggest motivation. Thomas is passionate about meditation and Fleur is interested in human body approaches such as massages and the many messages the body tries to tell us daily. The team is filled with joy to play a part in a more conscious world.

Cedric Villa is the president, he links our team all together and leads us in great spirits.

Cédric Villa (Photo from Sylvain Munsch at the South of France Mastermind)


Cedric is a dad of two children and he has traveled a lot throughout the years, including in  Asia. There, he honored 2 pillars of his life: trekking and spiritual development. Besides his career path in computer engineering, he developed skills as a trainer and earned certified titles in hypnosis, PNL and life coaching.

Since 2012, he opened himself to internet networking. He instantly created powerful tools that welcome one’s potential in a few seconds and help one’s preciousness to be shared with simplicity and joy. Today, almost 300,000 people have already seized the multiple Instants proposed by Cédric.